She has painted for couple of years now, exploring and defining her personal style. Champoux has reinvented the way of painting flowers.  Her cheerful and colorful personality is translated into her paintings in such a way that strong emotions, sensuality and exaltation are well represented. High gloss finish, shapes and textures are combined in an elegant way, rendering a different message in every piece. A tribute to femininity, Champoux’s way of dancing with colors and textures brings grace and refinement to her work. She shows the strength and versatility of acrylic by creating tridimensional impressions.  This amalgamation makes Champoux’s contemporary approach to a timeless subject will be enduring.

The artist uses a mixed technique on canvas. Combining acrylic with airbrush, coal, gel, mortar, sand and cotton makes it so that each piece is unique. Champoux has a very particular way to apply acrylic, as she melts the colors into one another with her hands.  As a result, her paintings are unique, vibrant and transmit high emotions to the viewer.

Her need to create being as essential to her as breathing, she dedicates herself fulltime to painting. Creativity offers her the liberty to dive in to her inner self where there are no limits.

Champoux’s desire is to transmit love, happiness, passion and beauty through her painting, as an “Hymne à la vie” and at the same time offer her public a well-deserved pause filled with softness in this fast track world.

Her paintings are sold in Canada and the United States both to individuals and corporations, and from there they travel all over the world.